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Claire Eason Bassett

My first job was ...


a work placement for a small theatre company in Brighton and I hated it! I lasted 3 months and then

moved to London and started work with English National Ballet as a Production Assistant.



My career has taken me ...


all over the world and back to my roots! From ENB, I went to Rambert and bounced between the

two companies for a while, ending up as Company Manager for 4 years. In this role I looked after

national and international touring, production and non-ticket income generation. I was fortunate to be

offered a secondment with Creative Partnerships in North London (Arts Council) and following this I

moved back home to Cornwall. After a couple of arts management and production part-time roles, I started Event Cornwall in 2007.



My role models are ...


Mike Richmond (Richmond Events), Rachel Ley (RLC Productions), James Kennell (University of Greenwich), Alistair Spalding (Sadler’s Wells), Sue Wyatt (Rambert), Amy Davenport (Island Trust), Nicky Clement (Unilever), Angela Young (Warner Young Management), Helena White (Rosemullion)



My strengths are ...


my brain, my heart, my faith, trusting others and being trustworthy, wearing many hats



My weaknesses are ...


Cake. And wine. And being passionate to the point of annoying.



My perfect Sunday morning is ...


being by or on the water with my family including the dog.



My proudest career moment is ...


one of many but now including successfully presenting a research paper at the Association of Event Management Education conference as well as development and delivery of the Falmouth University Fashion Show in a multi storey car park, selling out

Agile on the Beach 2 months before the conference, being chosen to work with a brand new team to develop a new series of large scale music events in Cornwall, the end of City of Lights each year.  I am most proud of our team both past and present what we have achieved and what we go on to achieve.