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What do we get asked the most ...?

If yo have a question about Mackerel Sky, hopefully you'll find the asnwer from some of our FAQs below. If not please just drop us a line at info@mackerelskyevents.co.uk


Q. Why are we called Mackerel Sky?

A.Well, have you ever looked up at the sky and seen small clouds clustered together that look like the scales of a fish? It’s called a mackerel sky and it’s a particular cloud formation that indicates a change in the weather.  


We were originally formed as Event Cornwall back in 2007 and that worked initially but as we grew, we found we were doing more work outside the duchy and we needed something that would help us to grow further. We were looking for a name that would remain connected to our Cornish roots but was open and upward-looking; something that was positive and memorable.


We were sat around our big table trying to think of such a name. We tried word association; we googled; we brainstormed….and to be honest, whenever we try to be creative to order, it never works.  It’s really important to create the space and conditions in which we can be creative and this wasn’t that kind of moment.  So we grabbed a cuppa and a bit of cake, stepped outside and looked up.


It was one of those kinds of skies. And one of those moments when I (being a bit of a weather geek and an RYA Yachtmaster) mentioned that it was a mackerel sky and what it means….we stopped and looked at each other and that was it.  Our new name.


3 years on and we love it. For me, a mackerel sky means breathing in fresh air and relaxing.  For others, it’s knowing that the weather will be better tomorrow.  For some, it’s being surrounded by friends with a gin & tonic in hand. All feelings that our clients experience when working with us on event projects, in training sessions and as part of the Event HelpDesk support, and exactly what we wanted for our brand.


So now you know. Next time you see those scales in the sky, think of us, take a pic and post it on our facebook or twitter feeds!


Q. Who is Mackerel Sky?

A. We are a close knit team of event experts. We believe when it comes to events we add a little some special – and always something extra! A little about us:


  • We're bespoke – we can and will always tailor our offering to suit you 

  • We're flexible - we're personable, always on the phone if you need us and we'll always fit the needs of our client

  • We're experienced & knowledgeable - Our portfolio is varied and extensive – not only that, we also teach Event Management at degree level, so we're expert teachers!

  • We have a fantastic network - We love to chat, and we've got to know some great people. We have a reliable and established network of contacts, suppliers – and it's always expanding!


Q. Can you manage events anywhere in the UK?

A. Absolutely! We've worked on lots of projects across the UK including BBC Blast on the Isle of Wight.


Take a look at our Gallery to see who we've worked with and how.


Q. I don't need a full event management service... just a bit of help in one area of my event. Can you help?

A. We can! That's the brilliant thing about us – nothing is set in stone, everything we do is to fit your requirements. If you just need us to order a marquee with a bar and and look after it at your event, we can do that. If you just need us to provide some security staff – that's fine too! We know events can be costly and time consuming and sometimes you just need a bit of support in particular areas. Give us a quick call or an email, we'd be happy to chat about your needs and let you know where and how we can help.


Q. What do you mean by being a 'sustainable' company?

A. We do this in a number of ways, such as; All of our contracts encorporate our sustainability aims so our clients know are sustainbility ethos too. We ensure our practises on the event make as little impact as possible – e.g. working out the logistics to ensure as few journeys as possible are made. We use suppliers who support our ethos and are local where possible to reduce travel. Putting initatives into our event promotion, such as making sure local transport is heavily promoted.


Q. Can you recommend suppliers?

A. We've worked on a lot of events with a lot of different suppliers, meaning we have a tried and trusted database of suppliers we know will be able to deliver for your event. Our years of experience mean we know exactly which supplier is right for your type of event.


Get in touch at info@mackerelskyevents.co.uk to talk more about what you need and the suppliers we recommend.


Q. Can you provide volunteers/staff for my event?

A. Indeed we can! A lot of our events rely on the hardwork, commitment and skill of our fantastic individuals. We've worked with so many talented people over the years and have built up a strong database of fantastic volunteers and staff, who we are happy – and proud – to be able recommend to assist you and your event.


Drop us a line to info@mackerelskyevents.co.uk for more information and to arrange volunteers for your event.