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Safety, Crowd and Traffic Management



Safety is always the most important consideration for any event and is a legal requirement, whatever and wherever the event might be.   For us, safety management is not just about compliance but about creating extraordinary and positive experiences.  We work with you to understand the site and project safety considerations and then develop and implement detailed Safety Plans and Emergency Action Plans.  


Crowd Management is a vital part of delivering our duty of care to our attendees and participants.  In detailed discussion with you, we develop thorough crowd management plans that consider the capacities and management systems for ingress and egress, dovetailed in with the overall event management plans and schedules.


Event Traffic Management can be one of the most important elements of a successful event. It is the first and last impression of your event. If planned and delivered professionally, it improves customer experience and increases the likelihood of repeat visitors.  We can undertake a complete analysis of the site and full consultation with the relevant people involved to then produce a complete transport management plan, documenting traffic flows, signage, traffic lights and road closures.


We attend multi agency meetings to present the safety, crowd, traffic and overall event management plan to help support your event license or to comply with the recommendations of the Safety Advisory Group.


Once agreed and approved, we can ensure that the plans are implemented, co-ordinating suppliers accordingly and then work as site managers, safety officers, and team leaders, delivering the plan onsite and problem solving and responding as necessary to ensure that the event works, is compliant and delivers a positive experience. Download the flyer here


Mackerel Sky work with Coast 2 Coast Security who have more than 10 years extensive experience of providing event

security services and crowd management to the festival, music and sports market. They have supplied consultation

and event security to organisations across the UK and in Europe.


Event Security

Ensuring large events are safe and enjoyable environments, Coast 2 Coast Security can advise on all

aspects of event security during a comprehensive consultation to ensure that your visitors enjoy their

experience throughout your bespoke event.