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One day/half day training courses


We offer a wide range of one day or half day training courses and bespoke

courses can be created as required (up to 30 participants):


  • Event Management

  • Safeguarding

  • Evaluation & Return on Investment

  • Traffic Management

  • Marketing from basics

  • Good Governance

  • Fundraising & Profitability


After attending one of our courses, participants have:


  • Developed a greater knowledge and awareness of a specific topic

  • Applied concepts in that area to their own working practice

  • Made connections with other individuals and organisations

  • Created an action plan to have a positive impact straight away


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The Event Lab


Over 1 – 3 days, the Event Lab is an experiential learning programme that starts with responding to a brief, creating a pitch, researching the context, working with experts to gain feedback, and presenting to a panel of guests.  In the 2 and 3 day options, students take their concept through to delivery and evaluation, creating a condensed yet real experience of event planning and



From the Event Lab experience, participants have:


  • Applied business and event planning principles to a live brief

  • Developed confidence in speaking to and meeting new contacts in a professional

  • Built confidence in pitching and presenting to a panel

  • Delivered a concept from idea, through development and research, into fulfilment

  • Pushed their team skills by working under pressure



Creative Business Boot Camp


Over 1 – 3 days, Boot Camp takes participants through the stages of setting up and running a creative business from getting the idea right to understanding your target market, from creating an overall strategy to financial planning, and from operational management to leading a team.


Having attended Boot Camp, participants have:


  • Created their own business plan

  • Reflected on their own strengths and weaknesses to create a personal development

  • Expanded their knowledge of core business skills and practice

  • Developed the building blocks of business that will enable them to succeed

  • Identified and researched their target market and designed a marketing plan to reach them

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • Team Management

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Leadership

  • Programming & Curation